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Farewell Fiesta! A legendary journey comes to an electric end

From fuel efficiency to electrification, Ford bids adieu to the iconic model


The production of the last Ford Fiesta at the Cologne plant on Friday marks the "end of an era" for a model that has been a best-seller in Europe for 47 years, selling millions of units.

Ford will retain the last two Fiesta vehicles - one will remain in Germany, while the other will be transported to the UK to join their collection.

The conversion of the Fiesta into an electric vehicle was deemed cost-prohibitive by the automaker. However, there is speculation that the Fiesta name may return in the future, attached to an electrified model with a completely different approach.

In place of the iconic Fiesta, Ford will focus on producing the electric Explorer SUV at the Cologne Electric Vehicle Centre. Martin Sander, the general manager of Ford Model e Europe, confirmed the company's decision to manufacture their first high-volume electric vehicle in Cologne in an interview with Autocar in December 2022.

The electric Explorer will be among nine all-electric vehicles that Ford plans to introduce in Europe by 2024. This lineup includes a second sporty crossover, set to commence production in Cologne in mid-2024, and the Puma EV, which will be built at the Romanian plant starting in 2024.

Originally designed as a fuel-efficient compact car in response to the 1973 oil crisis, the Fiesta entered production in 1976. After achieving sales of 22 million units, the model reached its conclusion with the ninth-generation version.

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