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Farmer's donkey causes fire, lands him in court

Farmer faces charges stemming from donkey's furious rampage


In a peculiar case currently under the scrutiny of the District Court of Famagusta, a 61-year-old farmer is grappling with legal consequences following a series of events set into motion by his donkey's misadventure.

According to a report on Xaravgi, the farmer stands accused of negligence as his donkey, left unchecked, collided headlong with an EAC stick, igniting a fire that wreaked havoc in Deryneia on June 13, 2023.

The repercussions of this fiery incident extended to neighboring farmers, resulting in a substantial financial blow.

The court proceedings reveal that the accused failed to implement adequate precautions to contain his donkey within his premises, leading to the animal's unrestrained escapade.

The ensuing blaze caused approximately nine thousand euros in damages to two neighboring farmers, whose hay bales succumbed to the flames.

The charges against the farmer encompass reckless and negligent acts, shedding light on the importance of responsible animal ownership. Moreover, an investigation is underway to determine if, on the same day, the accused allowed the donkey to roam as a stray, potentially violating Municipal Law.

The third layer of scrutiny revolves around the farmer's alleged failure to register the donkey with Veterinary Services, a requirement stipulated by European Communities Regulation.

This multifaceted legal battle underscores the need for stringent measures in animal care and responsible ownership, as the court seeks to unravel the intricacies surrounding this unexpected and costly confluence of events.

[With information sourced from Xaravgi]

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