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Cyprus nears digital judicial transformation with new e-justice system

Deputy Minister anticipates February 2024 solution, paving the way for user-friendly and efficient legal processes

Newsroom / CNA

Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation, and Digital Policy, Philippos Hadjizacharias, anticipates the finalization of the new e-justice system by February 2024, marking a crucial stride in Cyprus' digital transformation.

The pilot operation is set to commence on December 18, 2023, with collaborative efforts involving the Bar Association and the Supreme Court aimed at delivering a user-friendly and efficient digital justice system.  Hadjizacharias emphasized this development as a significant step in Cyprus' digital evolution, addressing the standing request of the Bar Association.

Despite potential challenges in this transitional phase, the Deputy Ministry is prepared to address any issues, with the overarching goal of streamlining government processes through accessible digital services.

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