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Ferry will service Larnaca, as well as Limassol, to Piraeus

The ferry will begin sailing from the port of Limassol in May and the port of Larnaca in August

Maria Eracleous

Maria Eracleous

The Daleela ship will begin sailing from Larnaca to Piraeus in August, connecting Cyprus and Greece by sea. In particular, the line will launch in May from the port of Limassol, with a total of 14 sailings. Following that, the routes' starting points will be moved to the port of Larnaca, with 8 routes beginning in August and ending in mid-September.

The precise start date of the service has not yet been confirmed, nor has the frequency of the services been announced.

The journey time from Limassol is normally around 30 hours, with an additional 2 hours from Larnaca.

Speaking to K, Marios Michael, CEO of the contractor Scandro Holding Ltd, stated that there was not enough time last year for consultations with the port of Larnaca. However, this year, with Kition Ocean Holdings taking over management of the Larnaca port, contacts were made and both parties agreed on the times and schedules. As a result, Larnaca was also included in the maritime connection.

The journey takes approximately 30 hours from Limassol and an additional 2 hours from Larnaca.

The company has already presented the Deputy Ministry with the details of the vessel, which will remain the Daleela, the routes, and the cooperating ports. As Mr. Michael stated, the new Deputy Minister, Marina Hadjimanoli, has expressed a strong interest in this matter, which is greatly appreciated by the company.

In terms of ticket prices, Michael stated that they are awaiting information on port taxes before determining final prices. The company is expected to hold a press conference at the end of March to make official announcements about the sea link.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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