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Three thousand bookings for Piraeus

Most of the bookings are for the month of August which include Greeks visiting Cyprus

Maria Eracleous

Maria Eracleous

The Daleela ferry will depart for the first time from the port of Limassol on Sunday, June 19 at 12 noon and will arrive at the port of Piraeus around 6 pm on Monday. Akis Kelepeshis, executive chairman of Top Kinisis Travel, the travel agency responsible for the sale of the ferry tickets, told "K" that there is already a great amount of interest from the public, both Cypriots and Greeks. So far, around 3 thousand passengers have booked tickets.

Most bookings were made for travel in the month of August, underscoring the popularity of Greece as a holiday destination for Cypriots. Simultaneously, many Greeks have also booked to visit Cyprus during the summer months, which is a good sign for tourism.

According to Mr. Kelepeshis, people who choose to travel via ferry, also take longer holidays, staying at their destination between 2 weeks to 1 month.  The reason, possibly, is because some can choose to bring their cars or motorcycles on their trip allowing them to be mobile upon arriving at their destination.

Most of the bookings, according to Top Kinisis, were made for cabin berths and not for individual seats.  There are 22 roundtrips scheduled for the summer season with 17 thousand seats being offered in total. 

The ferry's last scheduled roundtrip to Greece will be on September 14th from Limassol and September 16th from Piraeus.

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