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Fifteen-year-old's health on the mend after 16-meter fall

Teen bounces back from fractured jaw, arms in Paphos plunge


A 15-year-old boy is showing signs of improvement at Nicosia General Hospital after a terrifying fall from a four-storey apartment block in Paphos on Tuesday. Authorities from the Police Headquarters' Communications Branch revealed that the teenager suffered fractures to his jaw, pelvis, and both arms but is gradually recovering.

The incident unfolded on Tuesday afternoon (21/05) around 13:45, when Paphos police responded to distressing reports of a child plummeting from a building. Emergency services rushed to the scene and swiftly transported the injured teenager to the hospital for urgent medical attention.

The victim, identified as a 15-year-old, had fallen from the rooftop of the four-storey building, approximately 16 meters high. Investigations later unveiled that the boy was inside the building as his mother worked there.

Initially taken to GN Paphos, the boy was later transferred to GN Nicosia for specialized treatment. Following the incident, he informed authorities that the fall was accidental, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the unfortunate event.

[Information sourced from CNA]

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