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Fire department gives out numbers to free up lines

Public urged to report fires normally at 112 or call firehouses directly to free up emergency lines


The Fire Services Department says in addition to the national 112 emergency number, the public should also become familiar with local station direct contact numbers.

The move comes days following a fire in Polis Chrysochous, where the local campsite had to be evacuated as a precaution.

Several vacationers and residents complained to the media that their calls to the national emergency dispatcher (112) went unanswered.

Many vacationers complained that their calls to the national emergency dispatcher (112) went unanswered, with fire department officials saying too many calls were pouring in

Authorities later issued a statement saying fire fighters in the Polis area responded from the first moment, but it was not feasible for dispatch staff to personally answer every phone call due to high volume.

This drew more skepticism as some people wondered what would have happened if they had a different emergency in the same area during a time of crisis and couldn’t get through because of fire calls.

The 112 can be used in cases to call police, ambulance, and the fire department. 

According to a fire department official statement on Tuesday, people may dial 112 for normal reporting of a fire, or during a local crisis they may call, at their discretion, one of the urban firehouses and fire stations at the following numbers.

Nicosia – Acropolis – 22.802.150

Limassol – 25.805.400

Larnaca – 24.804.280

Paphos – 26.806.272

Polis Chrysochous – 26.806.230

EMAK (Disaster Response Special Unit) – 24.804.366

Famagusta – 23.803.232

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