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Fire fighters rescue baby goat in Larnaca

Baby goat pulled to safety after being trapped for days on a ledge of a cliff in Psevdas


A baby goat was pulled to safety on Sunday near Psevdas village, when fire fighters rushed to the rescue after it was lost for days and trapped on a cliff ledge.

According to a Facebook post by the Fire Department, a baby goat had been lost in the Psevdas area, Larnaca district, with its owner searching for days but to no avail. It was finally spotted off a cliff about 20 metres deep and the owner called for help.

Goats are known for their cliff-climbing skills, with most managing to climb back up while others have been known to jump off as rescuers approach.

But the mission was a success on Sunday, with fire fighters uploading a video showing a male rescuer using a net as a harness and pulling the baby goat to safety.

There was no information whether the baby goat was injured or simply scared, with the video online showing only a brief part of the rescue operation.

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Photo from Cyprus Passion FB page

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