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Two arrested in Limassol fake ID raid

Cops investigate fake ID scheme allegations, Georgian male and female arrested on illegal stay charges


Police raided a Limassol apartment on Sunday, arresting a man and a woman from Georgia on suspicion of illegal stay while also investigating a possible fake ID scheme.

According to local media, police secured a search warrant for an apartment in Limassol after assessing information that “a resident either had a fake ID card in his possession or was issuing fake ID cards.”

During the raid, cops found a 36-year-old male and a 35-year-old female in the apartment, both of whom were arrested.

Both suspects were said to be facing charges of illegal stay in the Republic of Cyprus.

Sources confirmed with Knews that at least one suspected fake ID card was involved in the case. But police did not give further information regarding a possible identification card forgery scheme, citing an ongoing investigation.

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