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Maid arrested on theft charges in Paphos

Nepali housekeeper detained after Russian homeowner reported a Rolex stolen from her home


A housemaid in Paphos is under arrest after her Russian employer told police a Rolex watch worth €25,000 had been stolen while she was away overseas.

According to police, a 30-year-woman from Nepal was detained on Wednesday on theft charges, following a complaint filed by her employer and homeowner.

The accuser, a Russian woman, says she was away overseas between January 20 and February 13 when a number of expensive items were stolen from her home, including a Rolex watch worth €25,000 and a designer handbag.

Police officers who searched the residence found no signs of a break-in and turned their attention to the female housemaid, who had been working there for the last two years. The Nepali woman was arrested on theft from employer charges.

A police report was not issued regarding the arrest, while another local report from Paphos said cops arrested four other women from Georgia on Wednesday.

The women, aged 30, 40, 43, and 50, were detained on Apostolou Pavlou Avenue following suspicions by police. Officers later discovered the four women had fake documents and were staying illegally in the Republic.

It was not clear whether the suspicion and subsequent arrests of the Georgian women were related to burglary or theft.

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