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Indian housemaid to be deported on suspicion of theft

Employer says domestic worker left home and stole valuables, suspect denies charges


A housemaid in Paphos is being deported following her arrest on theft charges, after her employer called police to say she suspected her domestic worker of stealing valuables worth €11,000.

The detainee, a 23-year-old Indian national, was arrested earlier this week following a complaint to police by her employer, a 63-year-old woman from Konia.

The employer said she had a suspicion that the domestic employee, who reportedly had left the home, also stole clothes and jewelry worth €11,000.

The housemaid was remanded for four days and upon the expiration of her remand on Friday, the Paphos District Court ordered that the foreign national be deported.

The suspect denies the charges but no further details were immediately known.

Knews understands the housemaid had been working at the residence for some time.

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