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Five tribes set political agenda for 2024

Climate, migration, economy, Ukraine, covid in focus for European Elections


In a shift from traditional left-right divides, Europe's voters are now categorized into five distinct tribes, with upcoming elections in 2024 poised to revolve around major crises, including climate change, migration, economic turbulence, the war in Ukraine, and the ongoing impact of Covid.

According to a report on The Guardian, a study by the European Council on Foreign Relations indicates that mainstream parties might struggle to engage voters on broader European issues, emphasizing the need to address citizens' immediate concerns.

The climate crisis and immigration emerge as primary focal points, echoing trends observed in recent Dutch parliamentary elections.

The clash between anti-immigration sentiments and climate activism is described as a "clash of two extinction rebellions," where concerns range from the extinction of life to fears of cultural identity disappearance.

The report suggests that this polarization influences political affiliations, with right-wing parties addressing immigration and green or leftist parties championing climate-related concerns.

Notably, the survey spanning nine EU member states reveals divergent priorities among voters, with geographical, age, and educational disparities.

For instance, Germany prioritizes immigration concerns (31%), while France places greater emphasis on climate change (27%).

As the 2024 European parliament elections approach, the study concludes that Europe's political landscape will be shaped by projections of these crises, making it a multifaceted battle between different crisis tribes, beyond the conventional left-right and pro-EU versus Eurosceptic divisions.

[With information sourced from The Guardian]

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