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Trump leads GOP race with big Iowa win

Trump's substantial win strengthens Biden challenge


In a resounding win, former President Donald Trump has emerged victorious in the Iowa caucuses, marking a significant step in his potential bid for the Republican candidacy in the upcoming election.

As reported by Sky News, the projection, made by NBC News in collaboration with Sky, positions Trump as the leading contender in the race.

As anticipated, Trump's overwhelming popularity was evident as he secured more than 50% of the vote, leaving Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley trailing behind. While DeSantis managed to finish just ahead of Haley, both contenders fell significantly short of Trump's commanding lead.

Despite frigid temperatures, Trump had urged his supporters to brave the cold and cast their votes, displaying a confident tone by stating, "even if you vote and then pass away, it's worth it." Following his victory, Trump expressed gratitude to his backers and outlined his plans for a potential return to the White House.

Covering familiar ground, Trump reiterated promises to address immigration issues at the Mexico border, advocate for increased oil drilling, and expedite resolutions for conflicts such as the Israel-Hamas and Ukraine wars. Additionally, he restated unverified claims about the alleged theft of the previous election.

The caucuses, held across various venues in Iowa, saw Republican party members making their choices after listening to speeches on behalf of each candidate. According to NBC News forecasts, Trump is expected to secure 20 delegates in Iowa, with DeSantis and Haley trailing at eight and seven delegates, respectively.

If the projections hold true, Trump's victory would mark the largest-ever margin in the state, further solidifying his claim as the primary contender capable of challenging President Biden. Despite Trump's distant second-place finish, DeSantis remained optimistic, assuring supporters that the campaign successfully secured its place in Iowa Republicans' favor.

Haley, despite finishing third, boldly declared the race a two-person competition between herself and Trump. She emphasized the need for an alternative to the "Trump-Biden nightmare" and positioned herself as the "last best hope" for voters.

In a surprising move, long-shot candidate Vivek Ramaswamy withdrew after a poor showing, throwing his support behind Trump. The caucuses serve as a precursor to the national convention in July, where the final Republican candidate will be chosen.

Trump's triumph in Iowa, despite facing legal challenges, sets the stage for the next Republican vote in New Hampshire on January 23. The former president's resilience and widespread support within the party continue to shape the dynamics of the GOP primary race.

[With information sourced from Sky News]

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