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Frederick University's STEM Camp empowers girls' potential

University announces STEM Camp for girls ages 13-16


Frederick University has unveiled its STEM Camp tailored for girls aged 13 to 16, marking the third consecutive year of this initiative within the university's long-term campaign to address the underrepresentation of girls and women in STEM fields.

Scheduled from July 1st to 5th at Frederick University in Nicosia, this year's STEM Camp offers participants a series of workshops in Architecture and Architectural Engineering, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, and Robotics. Led by members of Frederick University's academic community, the workshops provide girls with opportunities to explore, create, experiment, and devise solutions to problems with inventiveness, analytical thinking, and ample creativity. Additionally, they will have the chance to engage in empowerment and self-development sessions.

The STEM Camp is part of Frederick University's campaign titled "To all women and girls: Join the journey to Engineering and Technology," aimed at encouraging more women and girls to pursue careers in Technology and Engineering. Recognizing the significance of female representation in Engineering, Science, and Technology, and in line with its commitment to achieving Sustainable Development Goals, Frederick University is actively participating in the global effort to narrow the gender gap in these fields. This effort includes organizing workshops for girls and collaborating with successful women in these domains who can serve as sources of inspiration for girls of all ages. Additionally, the university offers scholarships covering 50% of tuition fees for all girls who choose to enroll in undergraduate programs at the School of Engineering. The campaign is under the auspices of the Commissioner for Gender Equality, Ms. Jozi Christodoulou.

Participation in the STEM Camp is free of charge. To register, follow the link provided here.

View snapshots from last year's STEM Camp here.

For more information about the long-term campaign "To all women and girls: Join the journey in Engineering and Technology," visit here.

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