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Heatwave pushes Cyprus' electricity to the limit

Cyprus set to face peak electricity demand of 1,150 MW


As temperatures soar in Cyprus, the nation is gearing up for a significant spike in electricity demand, officials say.

Hara Kousiappa, spokesperson for the Transmission System Operator of Cyprus (TSO), revealed in an exclusive interview with CNA that electricity demand is poised to surpass yesterday's levels. The unseasonably high temperatures have driven up the need for power, with peak demand expected to hit 1,150 megawatts (MW) during the afternoon hours, around 14:30 local time.

Kousiappa highlighted that overnight demand remained notably high, with peak demand in the evening hours reaching 980 MW compared to conventional production.

"In relation to yesterday, today's demand is showing a noticeable increase," Kousiappa stated. "We are constantly monitoring the situation, and currently, we anticipate peak demand to escalate to 1,150 MW during the afternoon peak hours."

The looming surge in electricity demand raises concerns about the nation's capacity to meet its energy needs. Last year, Cyprus witnessed a record-breaking demand at the end of July, surpassing the current projections. On July 24 last year, peak demand peaked at 1,243 MW, marking a historic high in recent years.

While surpassing last year's record remains uncertain, Kousiappa cautioned, "We are approaching it closely, and with June still ahead of us, the situation remains dynamic."

Addressing the role of renewable energy sources (RES), Kousiappa highlighted the contribution of photovoltaics during peak hours. Yesterday, photovoltaics reached their maximum efficiency around 13:00, contributing approximately 486 MW to the grid. However, conventional production remained dominant, providing 558 MW during the same period.

"Photovoltaics play a significant role, particularly during peak hours, but conventional production remains essential for meeting demand," Kousiappa emphasized.

As the nation braces for increased electricity demand, concerns arise about the sufficiency of supply during the summer months. While current conventional production meets demand marginally, scheduled maintenance of units could impact availability. However, Kousiappa expressed optimism, stating, "If all goes according to plan, we anticipate sufficient supply for the summer, barring any unforeseen circumstances."

With the nation on alert amid the heat wave, authorities continue to monitor the situation closely, ensuring the stability of Cyprus's electricity supply during these challenging times.

[Information sourced from CNA]


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