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From resort to restricted: Varosha's story unveiled

Watch the documentary by clicking on the link below


A new documentary titled "Varosha European Fenced-off City" is shedding light on the enduring plight of Varosha, a once-thriving Mediterranean resort turned military zone, forbidden to European citizens for the past five decades.

The film, produced by Mr. Toni Toumazi in collaboration with the ''Varosha Initiative'' team and Green Olive Productions, aims to raise international awareness about the current status of Varosha and its transformation over the past 50 years.

Featuring interviews with prominent figures, the documentary serves as a historical document, unveiling the untold story of Varosha's journey from a bustling cultural hub in 1974 to a restricted military area within European territory.

With a commitment to presenting accurate and scientifically supported facts, the documentary seeks to inform the global community comprehensively. By doing so, it hopes to garner attention from international organizations and facilitate informed decision-making processes.

Following its initial screening in August 2023 by RIK, plans are underway to forge strategic partnerships with foreign TV channels for wider dissemination of the documentary. The upcoming screening on April 8, 2024, organized at the behest of the European Commission, marks another milestone in the film's journey to reach audiences worldwide.

As "Varosha European Fenced-off City" prepares to embark on its global tour, it endeavors to amplify the voices of those affected by the ongoing situation in Varosha and advocate for meaningful action on an international scale.

Watch the documentary here.

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