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25 July, 2024
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Frosty mountains and coastal warmth

Embark on a sky-high adventure!


Buckle up for a thrilling journey through the heavens as today unveils a mesmerizing spectacle of mainly clear conditions adorned with occasional local clouds.

Imagine the mercury soaring to a scorching 23 degrees along the coast and in the interior, while the higher mountains maintain their cool charm at around 12 degrees.

As dusk descends, anticipate a temperature plunge to 9 degrees inland, 12 degrees on the coast, and a frosty 4 degrees in the higher mountains – a magical touch of winter.

Looking ahead to the weekend, prepare for a cinematic display of predominantly clear skies with intermittent local clouds. The Met Office adds a dash of suspense, forecasting a gradual temperature rise until Monday that promises to surpass the average climatic values for this season.

In today's symphony of the sky, envision a day filled with clear heavens, occasional local clouds, and a gentle dance of winds from the northwest to northeast at 3 Beaufort. The sea joins the performance, oscillating from calm to a little rough.

Temperature-wise, get ready for a climb to around 23 degrees inland and on the coast, while higher mountain areas bask in a refreshing 12 degrees.

As the sun sets, the stage is set for a night of mainly clear skies, occasionally adorned with low clouds. Picture thin fog gracefully weaving its way through inland and eastern areas during the morning hours.

The wind, a gentle northwest to northeast breeze at 3 Beaufort, becomes the melody accompanying a sea in a state of calm to slightly rough.

Temperatures take center stage, dropping to around 9 degrees inland, 12 degrees on the coast, and a mesmerizing 4 degrees in the higher mountains, frosting the landscape.

The weekend weather extravaganza unfolds with Saturday's dazzling show of mostly clear skies, punctuated by scattered patchy clouds. Sunday invites you to immerse yourself in the grandeur of mainly clear skies, adorned with the gradual arrival of high clouds.

Monday, the grand finale, unveils clear skies with a hint of mystery – the possibility of light dust in the atmosphere.

As temperatures embark on a thrilling tale, gradually ascending through Monday, breaking free from the shackles of average climatic values for this season, stay tuned for the unfolding drama as the week progresses.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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