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Galanos on Famagusta: Now the time for government to take action

The President should react strongly to Ozersay actions says the Mayor of Famagusta

Marina Economides

Marina Economides

"Ozersay is stabbing in the back efforts to solve the Cyprus problem when it comes to Famagusta and the President of the Republic himself, who was eating with him," said today Famagusta Mayor Alexis Galanos.

Galanos said that it is clear that Ozersay’s actions lead to partition. He said that an event will take place on Friday outside the Presidential Palace where a memorandum will be submitted to the president asking him not to delay any further on the Famagusta issue.

Galanos said that the memorandum calls on the government to petition the UN Security Council for direct engagement of the UN Secretary-General on the issue of Famagusta.

He clarified that the Famagusta Municipality will inform the embassies of the members of the Security Council as well as European embassies.

Alexis Galanos underlined that the aim of the campaign is to urge the president to take immediate action on Famagusta and to set the return of the enclosed city as a priority.

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