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Government considers creation of speed track to boost road safety

Speaking on DIASPORA NEWS, Alexis Vafeadis talks about the idea of creating a race track for speed enthusiasts, but raising road speed limits off the table.


The prospect of establishing a dedicated track for speed enthusiasts has emerged as part of efforts to bolster road safety, according to Minister of Transport, Communications, and Works, Alexis Vafeadis. Speaking to "SPOR FM 95.0" and the program "DIASPORA NEWS," Vafeadis outlined plans to provide citizens with a controlled and secure environment to indulge in their passion for speed.

Vafeadis revealed ongoing discussions between the ministry and the Federation of Car Friends to identify suitable space for the proposed track. Emphasizing the importance of road infrastructure designed to mitigate errors and allow drivers sufficient reaction time in challenging scenarios, he underscored the need for measures that promote safer driving practices.

Addressing queries about the possibility of raising speed limits on highways, Vafeadis dismissed such notions, citing the adherence to speed limits based on the geometric characteristics of roads. However, he expressed optimism regarding the installation of smart lights on Cypriot roads, with tenders expected in early May and implementation targeted for completion by 2024.

Efforts to enhance public transport and alleviate traffic congestion are also underway, with Vafeadis highlighting the acceleration of measures outlined in the urban sustainability plan. Priority is given to resolving student transportation issues, with plans to implement solutions by September, albeit contingent on contractor cooperation.

Regarding Park & Ride initiatives, Vafeadis confirmed continued interest, with sites identified in Limassol for potential development. As Cyprus looks towards comprehensive transportation solutions, the government remains committed to fostering road safety and enhancing mobility for its citizens.


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