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Government evaluates fire-fighting systems for buses after immobilisation

Only 29 buses have fire extinguishing system at the moment


A committee of experts is meeting with the Fire Service to evaluate the automatic fire-fighting systems available to companies in Cyprus and their suitability for use, Transport, Communications and Works Minister Alexis Vafeadis said Tuesday.

The minister told the Cypriot News Agency that he expects to be informed soon about the arrival of the fire extinguishing system for the buses, which he had ordered after the immobilisation of hundreds of buses without fire-fighting systems.

He said that some systems are already available on the Cyprus market, but they have to be approved by the committee, which consists of three members.

Vafeadis also said that an investigating officer will be appointed by the Director General of the Ministry Antonis Koutsoulis to look into the matter and the terms of reference will be clarified.

The minister said that the installation of the systems will be done on all buses that have been immobilised, which amount to about 570. He added that there are 29 buses that have fire extinguishing system, but they are waiting for a certificate of good working condition of the system.

He said that once the certificate is submitted, the 29 buses will be released to traffic and added that after the immobilisation of 570 buses, about 500 buses are in circulation.

Vafeadis also said that some students in mountainous areas have not been served today, despite his instructions to give priority to these students.

He said that the renewal of the bus fleet would depend on the choice of each company, according to the terms of the contract with the state. He said that the terms of the contract do not oblige the companies to buy electric buses, but some have brought them by their own choice.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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