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''Government'' moves to license casino at controversial airport

Company with massive debts granted permission to open casino at Tympou airport in the occupied areas amid legal and public concerns


The "government" in the Turkish-occupied northern part of Cyprus is reportedly moving forward with plans to grant a "license to operate" a casino within the controversial Tympou airport, according to the local newspaper Avroupa. The company involved, operated by Ermroullah Turanli, currently manages the airport and owes significant amounts in unpaid electricity bills, accumulating debts of €59 million.

The issue was brought to light by Sami Ozuslu, an "MP" from the People's Party, who shared a letter from the "deputy transport minister" to the "tourism ministry" on social media. The letter indicates that T&T, Turanli's company, submitted a proposal to Erhan Arikli's "transport ministry" for the casino.

Ozouslu noted that the "government" is planning to propose an amendment to the "gambling law" in "parliament," which currently restricts the issuance of casino licenses outside the Vokolidas area. The proposed changes include provisions specifically benefiting T&T's operations.

Additionally, the online news outlet Kipris Postasi reported ongoing public debate regarding the Airport Hotel project, a venture by T&T's main partner Turanli. Despite his controversial business practices and previous illegal activities, Turanli is now preparing to bid on an unfinished beachfront hotel set to be auctioned by a bank in the Lapithos area. This potential new investment has raised concerns within the business community and the public due to Turanli's questionable track record.

The developments around Turanli's ventures continue to stir significant debate and concern, reflecting broader issues of legality and financial management in the region's business operations.

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