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Cyprus prepares special polling booths for wheelchair users

Ensuring inclusive access as measures taken for handicap voters ahead of June 9 elections


In a move to ensure accessibility and inclusivity in the electoral process, the Chief Returning Officer has announced the establishment of special polling booths for voters in wheelchairs during the upcoming June 9 elections in Cyprus.

According to an official press release, the Cyprus Paraplegics Association has provided details of its members to facilitate their voting experience at the polling stations. This proactive collaboration aims to remove any barriers that may prevent wheelchair users from exercising their right to vote.

In addition to members of the Paraplegics Association, citizens who use wheelchairs and are not affiliated with the organization are encouraged to reach out to the Ministry of the Interior. They can contact the ministry via email at or by fax at 22 678 486, indicating "Voter in a wheelchair" in the subject line. They are requested to provide their full name and ID number for assistance in accessing the special polling booths.

The initiative underscores Cyprus's commitment to ensuring equal participation in the electoral process for all citizens, regardless of physical ability. By proactively addressing the needs of voters with disabilities, authorities aim to uphold the principles of democracy and inclusivity in the upcoming elections.

[With information from CNA]


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