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Cyprus wins 6 medals at Balkan Athletics Championships

Double gold for Cyprus: Photopoulou and Christofi lead the way

Newsroom / CNA

Cyprus secured six medals, two gold, two silver and two bronze at the 77th Balkan Athletics Championships held in Izmir, Turkey.

Cyprus was represented in Turkey with a 15-member delegation and tried its best, according to a press release by KOEAS, the Amateur Athletic Association of Cyprus.

Olivia Photopoulou won gold medal in 200m and Natalia Christofi also gold at 100m. hurdles.

Olivia Photopoulou and Apostolos Parellis also won silver in 100m and discus throw, respectively. Two bronze medals were won by Valentina Savva in the hammer throw and Philippa Photopoulou in the long throw.

Cyprus takes part in Balkan Championships since 2014 and so far has won a total of 46 medals, 14 gold, 14 silver and 18 bronze. Cyprus ranked 7th in the medal table in the 77th Championships.

The women’s team was 3rd in their category with 2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.

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