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Former DISY Vice President joins ELAM for European Elections

Marios Pelekanos' move sparks political turmoil and debates over party loyalty


Former Vice President of the Democratic Rally (DISY), Marios Pelekanos, has joined the electoral list of the National Popular Front (ELAM) for the upcoming European elections, sparking a flurry of reactions and criticisms within the political sphere.

In a statement released by ELAM, Pelekanos affirmed his decision, emphasizing that his alignment with the party stemmed from a shared vision on critical issues concerning Greek Cypriots, including immigration, demographics, and economic policies for vulnerable populations.

DISY President Anita Demetriou swiftly responded, expressing disappointment in Pelekanos' decision and asserting that those who betray the trust of party supporters are making a grave error. Demetriou's statement underscored the party's commitment to its founding principles and its members' dedication to serving the greater good rather than pursuing personal ambitions.

The Democratic Rally further declared Pelekanos' automatic removal from the party's membership roster, signaling a decisive break from the former vice president.

Pelekanos' move to ELAM marks a significant shift in political allegiances and has ignited debates over party loyalty and ideological differences. As the European elections approach, the fallout from this development is expected to reverberate throughout Cyprus's political landscape.

Stay tuned for further updates on this evolving story.


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