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Greece grapples with deadly floods amidst storm 'Daniel' (Video)

Torrential rain and landslides devastate communities


Central Greece faces a dire situation as heavy rains from Storm Daniel have led to severe flooding in multiple areas. According to a report by Greek Reporter, the village of Palamas has been transformed into a massive lake, compelling a father, his two sons, and their dog to swim to safety, a harrowing moment captured on video. Nearby, residents in the Karditsa region sought refuge on rooftops to escape the rising waters.

Storm Daniel, following on the heels of a deadly wildfire, has caused landslides, destroyed a bridge, and carried away cars. The death toll from the floods now stands at three, with several people missing.

The city of Volos, Mount Pelion, and Skiathos Island were heavily impacted, with power outages disrupting the water supply. Landslides and fallen trees have blocked roads to many villages.


Stormy weather has now shifted to the west and south, causing further flooding in Karditsa, Trikala, and Evia. Police have urged drivers to avoid unnecessary travel.

In Athens, heavy rain led to flooding and street chaos, with citizens facing difficult conditions. The National Meteorological Service predicts continued heavy rain and thunderstorms in several regions until Thursday afternoon.

[Information from Greek Reporter]

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