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New EU card to make travel easier for people with disabilities

Plan aims to simplify access to special services and parking across Europe


The European Commission has unveiled a legislative proposal aimed at improving access to free movement for individuals with disabilities within the European Union.

The proposal introduces a standardized European Disability Card that will serve as recognized proof of disability throughout the EU. This card will grant equal access to special conditions and preferential treatment in various public and private services, including transportation, cultural events, museums, leisure and sports centers, and amusement parks.

Additionally, improvements to the current European Parking Card for persons with disabilities will enable them to access parking rights in other Member States.

The proposed directive emphasizes the provision of both physical and digital versions of these cards and aims to reduce administrative burdens while ensuring accessible formats for information on special conditions and preferential treatment. The proposal will undergo discussions in the European Parliament and the Council, with Member States expected to incorporate the directive's provisions into national law within 18 months of adoption.

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