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Greece may follow Spanish model to increase organ donation

Spain uses a transplant coordinating who helps to promote organ donation

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

by Penny Bouloutza

Greece is seeking to emulate the institution of the local transplant coordinator in hospitals that was pioneered in Spain and led to a spike in organ donation rates.

The Health Ministry’s draft law on transplants, which is expected to be submitted for public consultation soon, establishes the local transplant coordinator for the first time. This coordinator is a health professional who will be assigned to intensive care units in hospitals with the sole purpose of promoting organ donation and transplants.

The coordinators will be hired by the National Transplant Organization and the hospital will not be able to employ them in another job. They will identify potential donors and along with a facility, physicians will broach the subject with families. The coordinator will undertake the whole process of organizing the surgeries and procedures for organ donation, removing a large bureaucratic barrier to the promotion of transplants.

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