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Health authorities narrow down vaccine age group priority

Dwindling vaccine supplies led the health ministry to limit the vaccine rollout to those aged over 90, before moving on with narrower groupings of people aged over 80


A slowdown in coronavirus vaccine deliveries led the health ministry to announce a restructuring of the initial vaccination plan on Tuesday to ensure that those aged over 90 get the jab given the dwindling supply.

The Republic’s vaccination plan that was launched on December 27 gave first priority to healthcare professionals working with coronavirus cases and to residents and staff of nursing homes, before calling in those aged over 80.

On Monday, the deputy director of the health services Olga Kalakouta said that over 50% of the 33,000 people included in the 80+ age group have so far been vaccinated.

But on Tuesday, the health ministry said it would be narrowing down the age group that currently has vaccination priority to just those aged over 90 due to dwindling vaccine supplies and incredibly high demand. 

Depending on the interest of people over 90 for appointments, slots may then open up for those aged 88 and 89, before opening up for those aged 86 and 87, and so on, until the 80+ age group is covered.

The ministry said that even once appointments open up for younger age groups, older people may still book appointments at a later stage. For example, once vaccines are rolled out for those aged 88-89, those aged 90 and above will still be permitted to book an appointment.

The health ministry said that Monday saw 1,859 administrations of a coronavirus jab islandwide, of which 499 were second doses. Sunday saw 333 nursing home staff and residents get their second dose of the vaccine.

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