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Experts mulling methodology of lockdown relaxations

Restriction measures will be relaxed gradually and in a targeted manner, as experts worry that as long as temperatures remain low, the danger of relapse remains high


Any relaxations to current restriction measures that are expected at the end of the month should be gradual and targeted, member of the government’s coronavirus advisory committee, Dr Maria Koliou, told the Cyprus News Agency on Tuesday.

The committee will be exchanging views on the matter of relaxations on Tuesday evening, Koliou said, focusing on the methodology of relaxations. As usual, the committee will table its suggestions before the Cabinet, which is tasked with taking final decisions.

Koliou said any relaxations must be targeted so as to not increase the danger of a renewed surge in daily new coronavirus cases, which is particularly acute in places of business that attract large numbers of people.

She noted that self-protection measures such as masks and social distancing will likely remain in place until the summer, by which time a large portion of the population will be vaccinated against the virus.

On Monday, the health ministry announced 162 new cases, marking a notable decline in daily new cases, but also five deaths involving elderly people who succumbed to their infection.

Cyprus hospitals were on Monday night treating 199 coronavirus patients, a number which Koliou said is concerning, as is the decrease in the average age of hospitalised patients requiring intensive care.

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