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Homeless man found dead inside vehicle, his makeshift home


In the vehicle where a deceased homeless person from Poland was found, there was also another individual, also homeless, who is the owner of the vehicle and a compatriot of the deceased.

According to information from the Cyprus News Agency, in the area between Chloraka and Empa, a 39-year-old from Poland was found within the vehicle. There was also a second person who is the owner of the vehicle. The Police were called to the scene and, based on preliminary examinations, they estimate that there is no suspicion of criminal activity. Subsequently, the Police informed the Paphos Welfare Office, whose representative was called to the scene for an on-site visit.

As per the Cyprus News Agency, the second man, who is also the vehicle owner and was in the vehicle with the 39-year-old, mentioned that he is not aware of the cause of death of his compatriot and friend.

Assistance was offered to the second man within the vehicle, and he accepted a proposal for help in finding shelter. As he mentioned, he is usually hosted by an acquaintance's house periodically, but during this time, he was staying with the 39-year-old in the vehicle due to the absence of his friend from the residence.

He also added that he works in manual labor, which was closed during this period due to the August holidays.

It is noted that the two individuals were discovered by neighbors residing in the area.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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