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Hospital admissions and discharges even out

Latest trend shows more discharges than admissions, official says vaccination only way man can beat virus


The latest trend in COVID hospitalizations in the Republic of Cyprus suggests admissions and discharges are evening out, with health officials still calling on the public to get vaccinated following a spike of cases in July.

According to officials from the State Health Services Organization, the majority of hospitalized patients infected with the coronavirus remained unvaccinated but at the same time more people were being discharged from hospital.

SHSO Famagusta medical director Amalia Hadjiyianni told the Cyprus News Agency on Monday there were 66 Covid patients at Famagusta General, the state’s coronavirus referral hospital, with the number representing a decline compared to previous weeks.

“These days there is balance in admissions of people who have fallen ill with the coronavirus, as those are now steady along with hospital discharges,” Hadjiyianni said.

Late last month reports said there were concerns among officials as there were ten more patients on average going in compared to those recovering and being sent home.

But the picture was not fully clear as to the impact on the system, as additional media also reported that as more hospital beds were being designated for COVID patients, more doctors and nurses were also taking vacation in the summer.

Based on Sunday’s health ministry figures, there were 286 infected patients in state hospitals, 96 of whom were said to be in serious condition.

'Everyone ought to realize that the only means available to man against the coronavirus is vaccination and people need to seize the opportunity given to them to get the vaccine'

There were 389 new cases detected out of a total of 35,196 tests, with the positivity rate standing at 1.11%. Three deaths of elderly patients were attributed to COVID-19, officials said.

Hadjiyianni also pointed out that 89.87% of hospitalized patients did not get the vaccine, saying only 7 patients at Famagusta General had been vaccinated.

The official did not elaborate on the vaccination status of patients in Famagusta General’s ICU, but she said 8 out of 66 patients were in need of intensive care.

Hadjiyianni said doctors and nurses were fighting to save lives but “medical staff were sad to see young people ending up in the Intensive Care Unit while a simple jab would have prevented a bad situation far more easily.”

“Everyone ought to realize that the only means available to man against the coronavirus is vaccination and people need to seize the opportunity given to them to get the vaccine,” Hadjiyianni said.

Last month hospitalizations reached dangerous levels following relaxations of measures for the summer, with reports of the Delta variant also taking its toll on young adults as well as the elderly whose immunity from the vaccine might have been somewhat compromised. A controversial booster shot in the fall is still currently being debated.

But local media also reported that many patients visiting Emergency Rooms in state hospitals last month did not have an emergency but sought medical attention because their family doctors were on leave and had not designated a replacement in the system.

This week state officials are also monitoring allegations regarding some patients, including some hospitalized with COVID, who may have cheated the Safe Pass system with doctors being suspected of recording their vaccinations without actually administrating the vaccine.

Police and state officials are investigating the allegations, while a Larnaca doctor in custody has reportedly denied the allegations.

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