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Isolation guidance eases but not for all contacts

Health ministry cuts down isolation period for carriers, no quarantine for close contacts if they are vaccinated


New health ministry guidance in Cyprus has reduced the required period before infected persons can end their isolation regardless of vaccination history, but different criteria continue to apply for close contacts depending on whether they are vaccinated or not.

People who contract Covid-19 and remain asymptomatic or experience mild to moderate symptoms will be able to end their isolation after ten days either from the date they tested positive or the day they started having symptoms, according to a statement issued on Wednesday by the health ministry in the Republic of Cyprus.

The guidance essentially reduces the isolation period from two weeks down to ten days for both vaccinated and unvaccinated carries, while those having mild or moderate symptoms will be eligible to end isolation no sooner than three consecutive days of either having no fever without fever-reducing drugs or feeling better pertaining to overall symptoms.

Unvaccinated close contracts are still required to isolate for two weeks, with the possibility of ending isolation after one week if they pay for a PCR test that comes back negative

The press release said the information was changed to reflect up-to-date literature available from international organizations as well as following recommendations from the government’s scientific advisory committee. 

But ministry officials have not relaxed the guidance on close contacts, with vaccinated individuals not needing to isolate at all if they are listed as close contacts of known carriers.

Close contracts who are not vaccinated are still required to isolate for two weeks, with the possibility of ending isolation after one week if they pay for a PCR test and the result comes back negative.

The guidance did not address unvaccinated close contacts who may have previously recovered from COVID-19.

According to the latest decree, vaccinated persons may still choose to get tested through government-run programs free of charge, while unvaccinated persons who need to obtain a Safe Pass to access restricted areas are still required to pay for a test valid for 72 hours.

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