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If you're dreaming of a white Christmas, keep dreaming!

It's a jolly Christmas weather forecast as snowflakes and showers await


Get ready to snuggle up by the fire, because the weather outside is truly delightful—or at least, interesting! As Christmas approaches in just three days, the atmosphere has its own festive plans.

Today: While Santa's sleigh won't need to worry about rain just yet, some isolated showers and the occasional thunderstorm might playfully dance across the skies, especially in the north, west, and mountains. And guess what? In those higher altitudes, we might even see a sprinkle of snow! Winds will be in the holiday spirit, coming from the southwest to northwest, at a gentle 3 to 4 Beaufort, occasionally picking up speed to 5 Beaufort along the coast. So, while you're wrapping those last-minute gifts, keep an eye out for any surprise hail or sleet. Temperatures will hover around a comfy 18 to 19 degrees Celsius on the plains and a chilly 8 degrees up high.

Tonight: As families gather for festive feasts and caroling, expect the skies to be partly cloudy with a chance of more isolated showers and thunderstorms. Winds might whistle a stronger tune, reaching up to 6 Beaufort in some areas, especially along the coast. Temperatures will drop a bit, but it'll still be cozy enough for some hot cocoa by the tree.

Saturday: As we edge closer to Christmas Eve, the weather will give us a mixed bag of clouds and sunshine, with just a hint of showers in the west and north. Perfect for those last-minute Christmas errands!

Sunday & Monday: If you're dreaming of a white Christmas, keep dreaming! But for now, the skies promise mostly sunny days ahead. So, whether you're unwrapping presents or enjoying a festive feast, the weather won't be on the naughty list.

In summary, while we might not have a blanket of snow everywhere, the weather is sure to keep things interesting as we count down to Christmas! Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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