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Independents and far-right candidates gain seats in EU parliament

Who are these candidates that managed to secure Cyprus' 6 seats in the EU parliament?


In a historic turn of events, Cyprus witnessed significant changes in its representation in the European Parliament as results from the June 9th election rolled in. For the first time, an independent candidate secured a seat, alongside the far-right party ELAM, marking a departure from traditional party dominance.

With 95% of the votes counted, the composition of the Cyprus delegation to the European Parliament revealed notable shifts. The six representatives elected include Loukas Fourlas and Michalis Hadjipandela from the Democratic Rally (DISY), George Georgiou representing AKEL, independent candidate Fidias Panagiotou, Geadis Geadis from ELAM, and Kostas Mavridis from DIKO.

The DISY party emerged as the top winner, maintaining its two seats with the re-election of Fourlas and the addition of Hadjipandela. Meanwhile, AKEL saw a reduction in its seats to one, with George Georgiou securing re-election. Kostas Mavridis retained his position representing DIKO. The big surprises came from independent candidate Fidias Panagiotou, who claimed the third spot in voter preferences, and ELAM, securing its first MEP seat.

In terms of percentages, DISY garnered 24.8%, followed by AKEL with 21.67%. Independent candidate Fidias Panagiotou captured 19.22% of the votes, ELAM received 11.16%, and DIKO secured 9.63%.

Notably, other parties failed to secure representation in the European Parliament. EDEK lost its sole seat, while Volt Cyprus, DIPA, and other smaller parties also fell short.

The newly elected MEPs from Cyprus represent a diverse array of backgrounds and experiences. Loukas Fourlas, a veteran news editor and anchor, brings extensive media expertise to his role. Michalis Hadjipandela, with a background in finance and public service, has championed healthcare initiatives. George Georgiou, a seasoned politician, continues his tenure representing AKEL. Geadis Geadis, hailing from the far-right ELAM party, enters the European Parliament as a first-time MEP. Kostas Mavridis, a longstanding figure in Cypriot politics, brings experience in European affairs to his position.

The election results reflect a shifting political landscape in Cyprus, with the rise of independent voices and the far-right reshaping the country's representation in the European Parliament. The implications of these changes are yet to be fully understood, but they signal a departure from traditional party politics and the emergence of new dynamics in Cypriot governance.

The European Parliament plays a crucial role in shaping policies that affect Cyprus and the broader European Union. The six newly elected MEPs will be tasked with representing Cypriot interests on the European stage, navigating complex political landscapes, and advocating for their constituents' needs.

As Cyprus grapples with ongoing challenges, including the unresolved Cyprus issue and geopolitical tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, the role of its representatives in the European Parliament takes on heightened significance. The decisions made by these MEPs will have far-reaching implications for Cyprus and its citizens, shaping the country's trajectory in the years to come.


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