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Investigation into big cat shipment to Mykonos

Greek animal rights group demands investigation on why exotic animals were being shipped to the party island

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

An animal rights group on Tuesday called for a judicial investigation into a shipment of two lions and a tiger that was allowed to go through customs in northern Greece, destined for the party island of Mykonos.

The call for the inquiry came after state broadcaster ERT reported the discovery by customs officers at the Promachonas border crossing in northern Greece of the three big cats, which were packed into three separate cages in a truck traveling from Slovenia.

According to ERT’s report on Monday, the customs officers let the cargo through after ascertaining that it was accompanied by valid documents certifying the ownership of the three exotic animals.

On Tuesday, the Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Organization demanded an investigation into the use the animals are destined for and asked whether owning exotic and potentially dangerous animals such as these is legal in Greece.

Member-states Cyprus, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Malta last month submitted a proposal for a European Union ban on people keeping dangerous or endangered animals as pets.

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