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09 July, 2020
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Island under hailstorm watch

Cyprus temperatures rise gradually over Thanksgiving, showers expected on Black Friday


A weather alert is in effect on Wednesday with a thunderstorm warning that includes the possibility of hail in some local areas.

Weather officials have issued a yellow warning, which started Tuesday night at 10pm with the alert running through Wednesday afternoon at 3pm.

Later in the day, weather will be partly cloudy while local showers remain likely in some parts of the island

A low pressure system is affecting the area over Cyprus on and off, with Wednesday skies expected in the early part of the day mostly cloudy with chances of showers and isolated thunderstorms including possible hailstorms. Heavy winds are also expected.

Later in the day and throughout the evening, weather is expected to be partly cloudy while local showers are likely in some parts of the island.

Maximum highs are expected to reach 21° degrees Celsius inland as well as along the coast, while it will be 12 up in the mountains. Minimum lows will register at 8 degrees in the interior, around 12 in the coastal regions, while it will be 5 up in the mountains.

Temperatures are expected to rise slightly and gradually over the next few days, with partly cloudy skies and rain chances mainly in the mountains.

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