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Youths suspected in bicycle drive by

High school student arrested in bicycle shooting, young soldier already in custody


Two youths have been arrested in connection with a drive-by shooting in Polis Chrysochous, where a German tourist says he was shot at out of a moving pickup truck.

According to police, the suspects were detained on Tuesday night in connection with the shooting of a German visitor, who was shot at while riding his bicycle near the local campground, in Polis Chrysochous, Paphos district. 

Police initially did not share information about the second arrest, while reports said the first suspect was an 18-year-old conscript from Polis Chrysochous and the other was said to be a high school student in his late teens.

The suspect reportedly admitted there was a gunshot out of the moving vehicle, telling officers it was by accident and not on purpose

The 50-year-old tourist, who was riding a bicycle along the road heading south from the Polis Chrysochous campground, says he was shot in the leg out of a moving pickup truck with two people inside.

After being apprehended, the soldier reportedly named the second person in the vehicle, while it was not immediately clear who was in the driving seat.

Following a home search of the young conscript’s residence, law enforcement officers found and confiscated a hunting rifle, a Flobert rifle, and an air gun, all of which were being sent to a state lab for ballistic tests.

Local media reported the first suspect admitted there was a gunshot out of the moving vehicle, telling officers it was by accident and not on purpose. It was not clear who was being suspected of firing the gun.

The German tourist was scheduled to undergo surgery to remove an air gun pellet lodged in his left knee.

Story has been updated with information about a second arrest

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