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Youths injured after cops fire warning shots

Two turn up in the Emergency Room with leg injuries following Paphos police shooting incident


Two young men on a quad bike were injured during a police encounter Thursday morning, after reportedly failing to stop for inspection.

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According to local media, two males aged 22 and 19 visited the Emergency Room at Polis Chrysochous Hospital with injuries on their legs.

It later turned out that they were the same youths who had been shot at by police, after law enforcement officers flagged them down in Paphos but they failed to stop.

The shooting incident took place early Thursday morning, around 1:20am, when police said two youths on a quad bike raised suspicions while they were moving about in the Argaka area.

When officers signaled to the two youths to stop, the driver of the quad bike accelerated and the two suspects ran off.

Officers then pulled out their handguns and fired warning shots as the quad bike disappeared into the night.

Police later said the two young men were being treated for leg injuries, with both said to be out of danger.

No official report had been issued at the time of publication for this story while a source told Knews the injuries were "most likely" caused by bullets. 

Police did not provide details as to the nature of the incident or the basis for the suspicion.

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