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Bill pushes for police taser guns

Stun gun legislation bans rifles with prior domestic violence convictions, restricts paintball guns


A bill sponsored by the government aims to put taser guns in the hands of law enforcement officials, while also take away hunting rifles from criminals convicted of domestic violence.

The Interior Ministry is pushing for legislation that would allow the use of electroshock stun guns by police officers, wildlife rangers, prison guards and members of the armed forces, according to daily Phileleftheros.

A taser or stun gun is a non-lethal incapacitating weapon that delivers electric shock aimed at inflicting pain without causing significant injury.

A taser or stun gun is a non-lethal incapacitating weapon that delivers electric shock aimed at inflicting pain without causing significant injury

The government has been sponsoring research studies into the use of stun guns in Cyprus, as officers would be able to aim their non-lethal weapon at suspects and temporarily disrupt their muscle functions, making the possibility of an arrest much easier.

But critics have brought fierce debate behind the scenes, arguing whether tasing could be dangerous with physical and mental risks for members of the public.

The ministry says it has carried out studies before submitting the bill to parliament.

Hunting rifles and paintball guns

According to local reports, the bill also calls for stricter measures against people with a prior conviction of domestic violence, banning them from owning a hunting rifle and calling on reservists to surrender their army rifle if they fall in that category. A loophole is also closed in the bill, banning transfers of rifle ownership within the same household.

The bill also makes it more difficult for people to legally buy or transport hunting rifles or paintball guns. 

The draft regulations on paintball guns comes months after two female tourists were targeted in separate paintball attacks on a coastal road along Yeroskipou’s seafront in Paphos.

At least two female tourists were targeted with unknown suspects managing to pelt one of them with the glittery splat while missing the target on the other woman.

Paintball guns and paintballs are used in a controlled environment for fun, but they can be dangerous if used without protective gear as they could cause devastating facial injuries.

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