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Hunter arrested for indecent behaviour in Paphos

British couple in Drymou call the cops on a group of hunters who were shooting very close to the house


A young male hunter in Paphos was detained Sunday on indecent behaviour charges, after a British couple in Drymou complained to police about a group of hunters firing shots very close to their residence.

According to local media, a group of hunters were shooting their rifles very close to the residence when the couple complained and asked them to go somewhere else.

At that point one of the hunters, a 25-year-old man, made an indecent gesture towards the man and the woman.

The couple, who are permanent residents in Cyprus, called the police to report the incident, with the alleged assailant being detained and later released.

The suspect is facing charges of carrying out an indecent act, while it was reported in local media that the incident took place inside a zone where hunting is allowed.

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