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Female tourists pelted with paintballs in Paphos

Young thugs suspected in random paintball ambush in Yeroskipou


At least two female tourists were targeted Sunday evening in an apparent paintball ambush, with unknown suspects managing to pelt one of them with the glittery splat.

Media reports said young suspects were suspected behind the attack, when two female tourists unrelated to each other were targeted in a paintball attack on a coastal road along Yeroskipou’s seafront.

One of the victims was pelted with paintballs while it appeared that the attackers missed their target on the second tourist, according to local reports.

According to one complaint, young people who were spotted in a while sedan targeted the women with paintball guns, while the two incidents took place a few minutes apart from each other. The two victims who called the police were reportedly staying at different hotels.

Paintball guns and paintballs are used in a controlled environment for fun, but they can be dangerous if used without protective gear as they could cause devastating facial injuries.

Police are investigating the case.

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