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Teen driver puts Paphos cops to the test

Stolen vehicle recovered after teenage driver refused to stop, shots fired, officer assaulted


A young teenage driver forced police officers to prove they were worth their salt when they found themselves against a 14-year-old fearless and very determined boy behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle.

Traffic police signaled the teenager to stop the vehicle when they spotted him driving in Paphos on Sunday evening, but the young driver refused to stop and sped away.

According to local reports, a car chase immediately ensued with cops firing shots along the way to warn the driver. At one point, the teen was driving recklessly according to reports as he went over the pavement, turned the car around towards police and finally hit a wall.

After he exited the vehicle, which was no longer operable, he then charged at a police officer and kicked him. The officer was taken to Paphos General Hospital for a medical exam.

Police run a check on the vehicle and confirmed it had been stolen on Saturday outside a cemetery in Paphos. A 64-year-old woman had filed a report on Saturday, saying her car was nowhere to be found when she came out of Ekso Vrisi Cemetary.

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