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Cops out and about to catch speeders

Traffic police clamp down on speed violators this week and also check if all papers are in order


Traffic police will be watching out for speeders this week, starting Monday through Sunday, giving tickets to those who break the speed limit while also checking if all thier documents are in order.

According to a police statement, this week’s road safety campaign aims to “prevent and reduce serious and fatal traffic accidents” by targeting speed violators all over the Republic of Cyprus.

During police stops, officers will be asking drivers to produce their traffic documents to make sure everything else is in order before letting them get back on the road. Knews understands officers will be looking for non-driving violations as well, such as lack of insurance or registration as well as expired roadworthiness tests.

But the campaign has also received criticism, with members of the public questioning the practice of Cyprus police announcing checks ahead of time. Comments in the past also raised doubts whether one week would be enough to educate drivers.

Police have said such campaigns are used throughout the year to focus on different problems and help reduce offences. This is the ninth road safety campaign this year, according to officials.

Social media users responded to police on Facebook with a number of comments, ranging from telling police to “do it, but don’t advertise it” and “also target the town centre at midnight, where car races are taking place.”

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