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Shots fired as cops arrest car tire thief

Police arrest suspected thief following dramatic car chase, another gets away


A 21-year-old man was arrested Friday morning and another suspect got away during a car chase, when police stumbled upon tire thieves.

According to police, officers received a tip regarding a suspicious vehicle in Aradippou, Larnaca district, but when cops made a stop signal the semi-truck sped away.

A car chase ensued which included a side collision between the two vehicles, with one officer later firing shots at the truck aiming at the tires.

When the semi-truck came to a stop, police detained the 21-year-old suspect who was resisting arrest, while a second suspect managed to get away.

Authorities believe the semi-truck, which was reported stolen earlier, was used to steal wheel rims and tires, which were found inside the vehicle along with other items.

Police are investigating whether the arrested suspect was involved in other cases of theft, where according to a witness account he was involved in gas station robberies on August 29 and 30, where a motorcycle, cigarettes, and cash had been stolen.

The suspect is facing charges of illegal possession of stolen goods, auto theft, burglary, and traffic offences.

A joint investigation was launched by Larnaca police stations in Aradippou, Athienou, and Zygi.

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