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Limassol cops closing in on mailed weed case

Police in Limassol arrest another suspect in connection with a cannabis package mailed from Canada


Another suspect has been arrested in connection with a cannabis postal delivery from Canada, after a customs officer opened a package last month that lead to four other arrests.

According to police, a 53-year-old male was detained for questioning on Monday evening, around 9:35pm, in connection with 500 grams of cannabis found on February 21.

Three suspects are facing multiple drug charges while two other men, including a postal worker, have been released from custody

Two other men are currently in custody, aged 43 and 25, with the younger suspect having been remanded previously in connection with the case while the older male appeared before a judge on Monday.

The case was under investigation after law enforcement officials were notified that a suspicious package from Canada was never picked up at a local post office in Limassol.

The three men in custody are facing multiple charges including conspiracy to commit a felony, illegal import of a hallucinogenic substance, illegal drug possession, and drug dealing.

A 36-year-old post office worker was initially arrested in connection with the unclaimed package, followed by another arrest of a 35-year-old suspect. Both men were released from custody according to police.

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