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Shocking details in Limassol torture case

Details emerge in shocking torture case with suspect reportedly admitting the offences


A 21-year-old man was remanded in custody on Tuesday in connection with a case of suspected torture, with an 18-year-old male saying the suspect threatened to kill him if he didn't let him have his way.

Description of physical torture below - viewer discretion is advised

According to local media, a Greek Cypriot man, aged 21, was arrested on Monday and remanded in custody the following day on allegations he was torturing an 18-year-old Romanian male. The alleged victim filed the complaint with Limassol police on Sunday.

Reports said the suspect, who met the younger man online back in August, would drive him to remote areas and abuse him by using the car lighter to cause severe burns on the 18-year-old’s legs and private parts, while also beating him and verbally abusing him.

The man wanted 'for some reason' to meet with the late teen and make him suffer because the suspect was 'enjoying it'

The Greek Cypriot reportedly admitted to committing those offences, while it was not clear whether he admitted threatening to kill the younger man.

Reports suggested there were written messages in which the suspect threatened the Romanian teen, who told authorities the suspect wanted “for some reason” to meet with him and make him suffer because he was “enjoying it.”

Additional reports said the accuser was badly bruised and had burns all over his body, including his genitals and buttocks, while there were no allegations of sexual abuse beyond the physical assault.

The accuser also reportedly said he was “too scared to say anything” because the suspect had threatened to “cut him up in pieces and throw him into the sea.”

News from the hospital suggested the Romanian male was stable while doctors said his condition was serious.

The suspect, who was remanded in custody for eight days, is facing multiple charges including kidnapping, grievous bodily harm, aggravated assault, torture, inhuman treatment, use of threats, and indecent assault.

CID Limassol is handling the case.

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