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Mixed bag of weather on the way

Roller coaster temperatures this week as barometer falls and rain chances increase


A weak high pressure system on Monday over Cyprus will be short-lived as the barometer is falling with chances of rain increasing for Tuesday and over the next few days.

According to weather officials, the area over Cyprus is being affected by a weak high pressure system, with Monday skies mostly cloudy throughout the day and strong winds expected out west and in local areas in the north.

Maximum highs are expected to reach 21° degrees Celsius inland as well as along the coast except in the west where temperature will climb to 23, while it will be 11 up in the mountains.

Evening weather will turn into mostly clear weather but scattered increasing clouds will remain. Minimum lows will register at 13 degrees in the interior, around 18 in the west, 16 in all other coastal regions, while it will be 9 up in the mountains.

Pressure starts to drop Tuesday

Mixed weather is expected Tuesday and Wednesday with mostly clear skies being replaced on and off by clouds, as a low pressure system sets in with chances of local showers and isolated thunderstorms as early as Tuesday afternoon.

Air quality will also be affected by moderate dust levels on Tuesday which are expected to pull back gradually on Wednesday.

Thursday weather will continue with mostly clear weather while cloudy skies will persist throughout the day with low chances of local showers.

Temperature over the next few days is expected to shift up and down, with Tuesday rising above normal averages, then falling on Wednesday until it climbs back up on Thursday but only slightly.

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