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Israel offers Hamas 40-day ceasefire and prisoner release deal

Israel's ceasefire proposal to Hamas aims to end Gaza conflict and bring October 7 hostages home


Israel has made a significant offer to Hamas, proposing a 40-day ceasefire and the release of potentially thousands of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for freeing Israeli hostages. The proposal was revealed by Lord Cameron, the Foreign Secretary, during a World Economic Forum meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The offer, described as very generous, aims to halt the almost seven-month-long conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. A Hamas delegation is expected in Egypt to respond to the proposal, which comes amid intensified efforts to broker a truce.

Reports suggest that Israel has reduced its demands for the initial phase of the truce, settling for the release of 33 hostages initially. The move reflects domestic pressure to bring the hostages home and kickstart ceasefire negotiations.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed hope that Hamas would accept the offer, calling it extraordinarily generous. The proposal is seen as a last chance to end the conflict, with both sides facing mounting casualties and destruction.

Despite the optimism, achieving a lasting peace remains uncertain, as Hamas weighs its response to the offer. The international community, including Egypt, the United States, and Israel, is urging Hamas to seize the opportunity and agree to the ceasefire deal.

Israel's offensive in Gaza has resulted in significant casualties and destruction, prompting urgent calls for a ceasefire. The latest proposal represents a crucial step towards ending the prolonged conflict and restoring peace in the region.

[With information from Daily Mail UK]

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