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17 June, 2024
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Cyprus repatriates 181 illegal residents in latest immigration efforts

Since 2024, 3763 illegal residents deported to their countries of origin


In the ongoing efforts to manage immigration, Cyprus saw 181 third-country nationals voluntarily or forcibly repatriated to their home countries over the past week. The return process involved a combination of forced and voluntary measures.

Among the repatriates, nine individuals were returned via a joint forced return flight facilitated by the FRONTEX Agency in collaboration with Greek authorities. This flight, which occurred on Thursday, April 25, marks the fifth joint forced return flight coordinated by FRONTEX in 2024, with the Cyprus Police playing an active role.

Since the onset of 2024, Cyprus has seen a total of 3763 illegal residents deported or voluntarily repatriated to their countries of origin. This concerted effort reflects Cyprus's commitment to managing its immigration challenges while adhering to international protocols and agreements.


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