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Greece moves to six-day workweek

Six-day workweek option starts July 1st


In a move garnering attention, Greece is set to implement a six-day workweek, with discussions sparked in German media regarding the country's unique approach.

The initiative aims to address the shortage of specialized personnel in Greece. Starting July 1st, workers will have the option to work beyond the standard five days. However, the additional workday, if falling on Saturday, mandates a 40% increase in pay, while Sunday or public holiday work earns a 115% increase.

Notably, certain sectors remain unaffected, and the six-day workweek applies to both public and private sectors, excluding public servants. Greek full-time employees already work the longest hours in Europe, averaging 42.8 hours weekly, compared to Germany's 40.4 hours.

Reports highlight the necessity for Greeks to seek second jobs to make ends meet, prompting speculation on whether this measure could alleviate the situation. As Greece pioneers this approach, Germany contemplates its own discussions on transitioning to a four-day workweek.

[With information sourced from Deutsche Welle]

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